10 Fascinating facts about Akshay Kumar

If we talk about any actor who has earned the same level of stardom after the 3 Khans, is Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar is working in Bollywood for the last 25 years and still giving nonstop blockbuster movies. Talking about his early life, he was born in Amritsar, Punjab, and did his schooling at Don Bosco High school, Darjeeling. He did his graduation from Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Mumbai but later he dropped out of his studies to learn martial arts in Bangkok. He struggled a lot in his pre-Bollywood life but he never gave up. And, now he is one of the highest-paid actors of Bollywood. This is just a short introduction to Akshay’s Life. There are many more interesting things about Akshay Kumar which are waiting for you later in this article.

1. Black Belt Holder in Taekwondo

Image of Akshay Kumar wearing black belt

No doubt, Akshay Kumar is one of the fittest actors in Bollywood. From a very young age, Akshay is very active in physical sports and exercise. Very few people know that Akshay Kumar is also a black belt in Taekwondo. In many interviews, he shared his incident where a boy practice martial arts near his house when Akshay was young. After seeing this boy, Akshay decided to learn martial arts. So, he traveled to Bangkok to learn Muay Thai (Martial Arts). And, when he came back to India, he started giving Martial art lessons to young children.

2. Unmatchable Disciplined Life of Akshay Kumar

Image of Akshay Kumar's Body

Undoubtedly, no other actor can match the discipline level of Akshay Kumar. Even at the age of nearly 55 years, where other actors are struggling to do one movie, Akshay is giving 4 to 5 movies every year. He is a great inspiration for the youth that how you should live fit and healthy. Here, we’ll tell you some of Akshay’s discipline rules that will motivate you:

  1.  The very first rule that Akshay Kumar follows is to eat and sleep on time. He sleeps before 10 PM and wake up at 4 AM. After waking up, he does his workout for 2 hours and starts his day at 6 AM. He mostly avoids night parties and gathering because of his strict sleep schedule. He complete his dinner before 6:30 PM because he believes that eating after sunset is not healthy at all.
  •  Akshay Kumar is also very strict for his food menu. He believes that food is the most significant part of our routine to stay away from diseases. Our Bollywood hero mostly enjoys home cooked food with minimum oil and fried substance. He mostly eats natural things rather than of eating artificial supplements. He only eats salad or drink soup in dinner to avoid heavy meal.
  •  Not only physical health, Akshay Kumar also take care of his mental health. He has a very strict schedule for his movie shoot because he always takes break on Sunday just to enjoy his time with his family. Infact, he starts his day with a 30-minute meditation session.
  •  At the age of 55, he is still doing action movies which need a flexible and fit body to do action scenes. The best thing he always advices to people is to maintain body with natural method. Akshay is strictly against artificial supplements and protein shakes. All the nutrition he receives is from natural food and things.
  •  Akshay Kumar is also against drinking alcohol. He avoids alcohol, coffee or things which contains caffeine and nicotine like intoxicants.

3. The struggle Period of life

Image of Akshay Kumar in Dress of a Chef

Akshay has been in Bollywood Industry for the last 25 years and still working with his great stardom. But the days before he entered Bollywood was quite struggling for him. While learning martial arts in Bangkok, he worked as a waiter and was later promoted to a chef in a restaurant. He did many odd jobs in order to earn good financial support. Then he came back to India and did various jobs like Peon, Salesman and Jewellery trader. After that, he tried his luck in modeling, and from modeling, he took entry in Bollywood. While doing various portfolio shoots, he luckily got selected for Pramod Chakravarthy’s Deedar Movie. From here is started his journey in Bollywood.

4. Only Indian actor as Torch Bearer in Canada Olympics 2010

Image of Akshay Kumar holding torch bearer

Very few people know that Akshay Kumar had also been a torchbearer in Canada Olympics 2010. Only 14 prominent celebrities were nominated for Torchbearer in Canada Olympics and Akshay was the only Indian actor to get nominated.

A torchbearer in the Olympics is the person who holds the ceremonial torch and runs at the launching event of the Olympics.

5. Great Contribution towards society

Apart from Bollywood, Akshay is very active in social work. He is very close to the Indian Army and always tried to help the Indian Army in any way. In 2017, Akshay along with the Union minister launch the BharatkeVeer app. It was Akshay’s Dream project to launch this website. This website is basically to financially help the families of martyred soldiers by receiving donations from the Public.

In 2017, Akshay did a movie named ‘Padman’, in which he raised awareness among women to use sanitary pads during mensuration. The movie shows the ground reality of Indian society in which mensuration is still a social taboo.

Also, Akshay is very rich-hearted in making donations for a social cause. In 2020, PM Narendra Modi started a PM cares fund in need to fight against Covid-19. Akshay Kumar made a donation of 25 Crores rupees in the PM cares fund.

When Pulwama Attack happened, Akshay made a donation of Rs.5 crore in the ‘Bharat Ke Veer app and Rs. 9 Lakh each to the families of martyred CRPF Jawans.

6. Steal Watches in Chandni Chowk

Will you believe that our Bollywood Star ‘Akshay Kumar’ used to steal watches? But you have to!! On being questioned about success coming late in one’s life, Akshay Kumar disclosed that he used to steal watches on the streets of Chandni Chowk for kicks and also said that success arrived quite early for him at the age of 22. Even Actress Madhuri Dixit disclosed that one thing according to her that has not altered about Akshay during the years is that he still steals watches. She further added that he does the trick so incredibly that nobody is able to catch him red-handed till now.

7. Fought with real lion

Image showing a image from move 'Singh is Bling'

Akshay Kumar is known for his self-made crazy stunts and here is one more from those. Seems very shocking but this is true that our Bollywood Star ‘Akshay Kumar’ had fought with a real lion. In the movie “Singh is Bling,” When Akshay fights a lion is not any VFX, but literally a real lion. He further revealed that he was really scared because during the shooting the lion got angry and broke some glass.

Watch Video: Akshay Kumar Shoots With Real Lion

8. Real Name

Image of Akshay Kumar

One fact about Akshay Kumar that will make you stunned is that this name is not the real name of our Bollywood hero. The Actor’s real name is Rajeev Hari Om Bhatia. He used his father’s name ‘Hari Om’ as his middle name. Moreover, he has a production house (Hari Om Productions) which is named after his father.

9. Refused an award

Did you know how Aamir khan got the Best Actor Award for Ghajini? There is a very surprising story behind it. Akshay Kumar was awarded the Best Actor Award for Singh is King, but he refused to take the award and instead handed it over to Aamir Khan. He said, “when I saw this movie Ghajini, I was bowled over”. According to him, the best actor this year, by far, is Mr. Aamir Khan for Ghajini. He further added “I know that this moment is never going to come again in my life but I cannot walk out from here holding something which I know doesn’t belong to me.” This clearly shows why he is one of the best actors and has a huge fanbase.

10. From continuous flop movies to highest blockbusters 

Akshay Kumar disclosed that once he had 16 back-to-back flops movies and was sad even at that time he was not discouraged. Indeed, his ability and courage led him to have the most number of blockbuster films by a Bollywood actor.


Talking about Akshay Kumar, the best thing we can learn from him is discipline. Akshay Kumar is the most disciplined human being we have ever seen. In many interviews, he has discussed that since his childhood, there is no single day passed when he does not wake up before sunrise. Still, at the age of 54 years, he is doing the role of the main character of the story and doing dangerous stunts so easily. Life has also shown him struggles and hurdles but he never gave up and now he is one of the richest and most famous actors in the world.

Watch Video: Akshay Kumar refuses to take the award and gives it to Aamir Khan

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