7 Interesting facts about Maggi

Maggi is one of the most loved snack items globally and especially in India. Hardly, there would be any Indian who hasn’t tasted Maggi once in his lifetime. Maggi was originated in Switzerland and came to India in 1983. It’s been 38 years and Maggi is still ruling the whole noodle market of India with more than 60% market share. Maggi is so famous in India that people call ‘Maggi’ a synonym to Instant Noodles.

There are two main reasons that have made Maggi so successful. Firstly, the instant making and delicious taste. Secondly, the economical pricing and distribution. The company has marketed Maggi as a ‘2 Minute Noodles’ which impacts the consumer that preparing it will save time. There are many interesting things about your favorite ‘Maggi’ that you shouldn’t miss. So, presenting you 7 amazing facts about ‘Maggi’.

1. Starting price

Image of Maggi Instant noodles

Nestle launched Maggi 2 Minute noodles in 1984 in India. Their ads targeted the kid’s section, informing parents it’s a fast and delicious snack for their little ones. Its starting price was Rs. 2.50 per 100gm packet. 

2. Seasoning Cubes before Noodles

Image of Maggi Seasoning cube

This might sound strange, but Maggi seasoning cubes were launched in 1886 i.e. even before the lunch of Maggi Noodles. These seasoning cubes were launched for improving the flavor of food.

3. Maggi Noodles were banned

Image of Maggi Instant Noodles (Got banned in 2015)

On May 15, 2015, the food safety regulators from the Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh concluded that samples of Maggi 2 minute noodles had surprisingly excessive levels of monosodium glutamate, as well as up to 17 times the acceptable limit of lead. Shockingly, packets of Maggi states that it had no added MSG at that time. This finding led to investigations in India and multiple market withdrawals.

The Central Government of India banned nationwide sales of Maggi noodles for an unspecified period on 6th June 2015. Share of Maggi went down from 80 percent to 0 in the Indian market. In November 2015, Maggi products came back to their place accompanied by a Nestle advertisement campaign to attain back the trust of the people. On 30 November 2015, Nestle restarted the production of Maggi at all five India-based plants.

Watch Video: Nestle’s Maggi in India: The Ban and The Bounce-back

4. World’s Consumption per day

Image of a cooked maggi

Over 12 crores packs of Maggi are consumed per day in the world. By the time you read this fact, around 2000 packs of Maggi got opened in the world.

5. Unbelievable number of Products

Image of a Maggi logo

If you are from India, you must have known various products of Maggi. Their products like instant noodles, ketchup, Spice mixes, soups, recipe mixes, etc. But this product list is only of one country. You’ll be shocked to know that there are over 7000 different products that are sold in almost 98 countries. These products are sold under the food brand ‘Maggi’, a brand of Nestle.

6. ‘Maggi’ that you’ll only find in India

Image showing 2-minute noodles

In India, as per govt rules, food brands have to print a dot (Green and Red) on their product. The green dot indicates veg product and the red dot indicates nonveg product. So, to operate a business in India, Nestle introduced Veg Maggi in India. And, the more interesting thing is that you’ll find veg Maggi only in India.

7. How Maggi came into existence?

Image of Julius Maggi

There is a very interesting story behind the origination of Maggi. In 1872, Julius Maggi took control of his father’s mill where the original company came into existence. Due to busy working hours, women workers in factories hardly get the time to prepare their meals. So, to reduce this burden, Julius Maggi along with the Swiss Public Welfare Society launched a protein-rich legume meal. In 1886, the company introduced its first ready-made soup. After that, Maggi Brand was owned by Nestle company. Later, in the 1980s, Nestle introduced Maggi in India.

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