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Meet the Team of thefactretriever.com

I, Sparsh Mureja & Mayank Bansal, founder, and co-writer at thefactretriever.com. We both live in New Delhi with our families. Recently, we got graduated from Delhi University from Commerce stream. We both passed our graduation with flying numbers and had been part of various clubs and NGOs in our college life. From the very starting of our college days, we both were passionate about finding and researching stuff about various topics which are out of our academic curriculum. We started this website to explore and share our ‘fact hunting’ passion.

Why we chose blogging?

We both decided to go for blogging and launch our website ‘thefactretriever.com’ to explore this thrilling journey. The main reason to go on this fantastic journey is to make readers like you explore the knowledge and facts that we were unaware of in our whole life. Schools and Colleges teach us what we chose or what they have in their syllabus but the knowledge of the whole world is not limited to our academic education. There is way more to know and explore in this world which most people remain untouched in their whole life. Such knowledge and facts happen in our daily lives but we do not know about that because our system never makes us know about the real stuff. Taking this limitation as an opportunity, we decided to launch our website to make readers like you more aware of the real world.

What is ‘thefactretriever.com’?

After talking about our team and our reason to do blogging, now the question arises here what is thefactretriever.com. This website is a platform for readers like you who want to explore the real world, who are eager to know about real knowledge of various topics. Our website is the most trustable website, all the facts which we publish here are correctly researched and 100% factually correct. You will get the best and most interesting facts about various topics, which you’ll not get anywhere else. If you wanna be smarter and more intelligent, then thefactretriever.com is the best place for you.

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