Top 12 amazing facts about Domino’s

Undoubtedly, Pizza is one of the most loved snack food in the world. In America alone, 3 billion pizzas are consumed per year. And, the King who is ruling this Pizza market is Domino’s. Hardly, there would be any person who didn’t hear this name before. Domino’s Pizza is an American MNC started by Tom Monaghan and his brother in 1960 in Michigan, USA. Initially, its brand name was Dominick, but later on, it was changed to Domino’s. Many of us loved Domino’s Pizza so much but the story of Domino’s is way more than just Pizza Restaurant. So, hold on to your pizza and check these delicious facts about Domino’s.

1. The world’s largest Pizza Chain 

Image showing Domino's as the world's largest pizza chain

In terms of revenue, Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world and the second-largest in the world in terms of stores. The first domino’s store was opened in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1960. Established as a small restaurant has expanded to over 18000 stores in more than 90 countries. Moreover, Domino’s stores sell an average of 3 million pizzas a day around the globe. It has sold the most number of pizzas than any other pizza seller in the world by 2018. Its home country i.e. the USA is the largest market for it and after the home country, India is the largest market of Domino’s with over 1300 stores.

2. If Domino’s had continued with their plan, their logo would be massive at the moment 

The logo of Domino’s has three dots in it because Tom Monaghan wanted to represent the three restaurants he owned at that time and planned to add a new dot for every new store. But they dropped the plan due to the fast growth of the franchise. Think if they had gone with their idea, the logo would have more than 18000 dots by now. 

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3. Some mind boggling pizza flavours

Image showing a domino's banana pizza

Domino’s pizza has introduced some unique pizza flavors that you may never assume.

In the UK, Domino’s launched a chocolate pizza called Lotta-Chocca Pizza. The pizza dough is served with delicious melted chocolate.

In Japan, Domino’s launched a pizza called special Quattro cheese pizza. This pizza is prepared with avocados, octopus, and half-honeyed with Gouda.

In South Korea, Domino’s served their pizza with toppings of potato.

In Vietnam, Domino’s launched a pizza called Almond Citrus Seafood. This pizza is served with a mixture of fish, almonds, nuts, and fruits.

In Nigeria, Tropical Pizza is served with the topping of Banana, Philly Steak, and Red chilies.

In Ukraine, Domino’s Pie is served as a sweet Pizza. This Pizza is prepared with four filling Poppy seeds, Apple, Cottage cheese with vanilla and apricot, and cherry with cinnamon.

4. The inspirational story of Domino’s Founder

Image of founder of Domino's pizza 'Thomas Stephen Monaghan'

Domino’s was established around 60 years ago by Thomas Stephen Monaghan. Right now, we just enjoy the amazing pizzas of Dominos. But many of us don’t know the real story behind this amazing food brand. The struggles that Thomas Monaghan faced in his life weren’t that easy to build this company. Thomas is a great example for the potential entrepreneurs.

Thomas Monaghan was born in 1937 and four years later after he was born, his father died. His mother placed him along with his brother in an Orphanage.

In the year 1959, he borrowed a pizzeria for his business. In the initial days, the business started losing money. Many of his business partners stole the entire savings of Tom. Once Tom gave an Oil Tycoon his entire savings but the Oil Tycoon betrayed Tom.

Even after these hurdles in his life, he never gave up. He keeps working on his Pizza restaurant and by the year 1978, Domino’s had over 200 restaurants in the USA.

5 years later, Domino’s started its first international franchise in Manitoba, Canada.

At present, Domino’s operates its store in 90 countries with over 18000 stores globally.

5. The future-driven Delivery technology

Image showing delivery of pizzas by Domino's with the help of drone and robotic car

As the world is changing into a technology-driven environment, Domino’s is in no way behind innovation. Their unique delivery methods are just amazing. Let’s look:

  • Drone Delivery

In 2016, Domino’s delivered the world’s first pizza delivery by Drone. They delivered Peri-Peri Chicken and Cranberry Pizza to a couple in Auckland, New Zealand. Moreover, Dominos claimed that they flew this order to the backyard of the customer’s house in just 5 minutes of ordering.

  • Robotic Delivery Cars

This is just the start for Domino’s. You’ll be shocked to know that the company is planning to start its delivery with Robots. Domino’s pizza will be delivered in Nuro Robotic Car which will take prepaid orders. After that, a robotic car will arrive at your home and you have to enter the PIN on the car’s screen. After that, the doors will open and will place your delivery to you.

  • Domino’s on the wheels

There is another super delivery car introduced by Domino’s in 2015. This car is designed by General Motors which includes a built-in pizza oven. The pizza oven constantly runs at the temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Further, this supercar is capable of carrying 80 pizzas with all other items on the menu.

6. Domino’s reinvented their recipe 

Despite their fame at present, Domino’s didn’t always have the best reputation. They faced a lot of criticisms including claims like “The sauce tastes like ketchup” and “The crust tasted like cardboard”. They realized that it is a major problem and decided to discontinue their 49-year-old pizza recipe. Then Domino’s highlighted the criticisms in a national advertisement and assured to do better. By 2010, Domino’s completed their pizza turnaround and revamped their entire pie from the crust up, and showed the importance of customers and their feedback for them. They tried a lot of different sauces, cheeses, and doughs in order to improve their pizzas and came up with a brand new taste. 

7. Not only selling pizzas but also filling potholes 

Image showing filling of potholes by workers hired by Domino's

It’s surprising when we come to know that a Pizza company is repairing roads of the streets. The same Case is here also. In 2018 Domino’s ‘an American multinational pizza restaurant chain’ announced a new campaign to repair potholes in towns across the United States so that their pizza deliveries run smoothly.  Russell Weiner, ‘the President of Domino’s USA’ said “We don’t want to lose any great-tasting pizza to a pothole, ruining a wonderful meal,”. They began filling potholes and stamping the repairs with their company’s logo. Moreover, they are permitting people to recommend their towns for road repair. 

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8. ‘11000 Pizzas got delivered for free’

A few years back, Domino’s mistakenly gave 11000 free pizzas in Cincinnati, USA. Yes, you read it right. This incident was happened due to a technical glitch in a coupon code. Domino’s was preparing their promo code ‘Bailout’ for future offers but didn’t approve it. Someone apparently typed ‘Bailout’ into the coupon section and the coupon code worked for free pizza. This coupon code news got spread in the entire city of Cincinnati in few hours. Before the company deactivates it, 11000 free pizzas were already placed by the customers.

9. Order delivering methods you never heard before

Whenever we want to eat Domino’s pizza, we just order from the app or call them. But, these are not the only methods to order pizza. These unique ordering methods of Dominos will blow your mind.

  •  Google Home

Feeling too lazy for typing or surfing the Domino’s app? Just say to your Google Home “Ok Google, talk to Domino’s”. You can place your order while talking to Google Home and enjoy your relaxing day.

  •  Twitter

Just go to your Twitter app and just simply tweet and type ‘Easy Order’ with Hashtags #Domino’s #Pizza. If you want to order ASAP, tweet by adding a pizza emoji with it.

  •  Alexa

Just like Google Home, Alexa can also do the same job. Just Simply say ‘Hello Alexa’ and place your order easily.

  • Zero Click Delivery

Zero Click Delivery is the easiest and convenient way to order Domino’s Pizza. Just download the Domino’s app and the app will automatically start a 10 seconds countdown. However, after the countdown ends, your saved or favorite pizza will be ordered automatically.

10. Safety is more important than fast delivery for the franchise

Image showing that safety of employees is more important for Domino's than delivery of pizzas within 30 minutes

In the year 1979, Domino’s started the “30 minutes or it’s free” scheme. It means that they will deliver the pizza within 30 minutes and if they can’t able to, it will be free of cost. But this scheme became a “perception of reckless driving and irresponsibility” and further disaster for the company. The tension of quick delivery caused numerous mishaps to the delivery workers and accounted for more than 20 fatalities. In fact, several high-profile lawsuits were faced by the company due to that scheme. After seeing such incidents, the company decided to put an end to that scheme.

11. ’41 Moon trips’ every week by Domino’s Delivery Drivers in USA

In America, there is a huge craze for Domino’s Pizza. Over 1 million pizzas are daily consumed in the USA. The surprising fact is that American Delivery drivers drive around 10 million miles per week. This figure is the total route length of the Domino’s delivery drivers covered in a week. The distance to the moon is around 240,000 miles. This is like routing to the moon about 41 times in a week. This is insane.

12. The biggest part of the profit is not earned by selling pizzas

If you think that Domino’s earns most of its revenue by selling pizzas, you are wrong! Seems unbelievable but it’s true! A greater part of its revenue comes from selling dough and toppings like peppers, mushrooms, sausage, etc. to franchises, not from selling pizzas. In fact, above half of its revenue occurs from supplying ingredients and goods to its stores every year.

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