Top 5 Interesting Facts about Holi

India is the land of beautiful festivals and cultures. There are hundreds of festivals comes every year of different religions, communities, and castes. In my opinion, the most beautiful festival that bonds every person from a different religion is Holi. It is being celebrated in India for hundreds of years. This is such a festival on which even enemies are embraced. We all love to play Holi with colors and water and it gives us so much fun and happiness. But along with celebrating it, there are more unknown things about it that you must be aware of. So, here we present you with 5 lesser-known facts about the Holi festival that will make Holi more colorful for you.

1. Why Holi is celebrated since ancient times?

Image of Lord Narasimha

We have all been enjoying the Holi festival since our childhood. Every person enjoys and plays this festival with water and colors like a child. But ever thought that how the concept of this festival came? Why do we celebrate it or do ‘Holika Dahan’? If you don’t know the answers to these questions then don’t worry, we’ll answer these questions.

The main story behind starting of this festival is the story of Demon King Hiranyakashipu and his son Prahlad. King Hiranyakashipu had the superpower that neither man nor animal can kill him. In the arrogance of this power, he demanded that everyone should worship him instead of Lord Vishnu. He demanded the same to his son Prahlad who always refused to do so because he was a great devotee to Lord Vishnu. After getting a refusal by his son, the King started giving cruel punishments to his son. But due to the kindness and power of Lord Vishnu, he always remained safe from any punishments.

Finally, The King called his sister ‘Holika’ to punish his son. His sister had a miracle cloak that protects her from fire after wearing it. She sat on a pyre with Prahlad and with the power of God, the cloak flew from Holika’s Body and covered Prahlad’s Body. As a result, Holika got exposed to fire and Prahlad remained safe. And from this day people celebrated this incident as good over evil.

The Second story

Image of Lord Krishna and Lord radha

The second story which is also related to this festival is the story of Lord Krishna. According to the scriptures, when Lord Krishna drank the poisoned breast milk of Demon ‘Putana’, his skin developed blue color. Krishna is always worried if Lord Radha will like him or not because Lord Radha is fair-skinned and Lord Krishna is not. Then, Lord Krishna’s mother asked him to color Radha’s face with any color she wanted. Lord Krishna did the same and it became a tradition to enjoy this as a festival. In Braj, this day is called ‘Rang Panchami’.

2. Holi is not only limited to India

Image showing people while enjoying Holi

If you think that Holi is only celebrated in India, then you are wrong. Though its origin is from India it is celebrated worldwide. Along with India, it is also celebrated in countries like Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The reason being is the Hindu Population living in these countries. If we talk about other countries, Holi is celebrated in Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, and Fiji.

3. World’s Best Holi Celebrations

Images of Lath Maar Holi

If you want to experience the World’s best Holi celebration, then you must visit Mathura and Vrindavan in India. The Holi celebrations in these cities are just mind-blowing and you’ll experience the peak of Divine. This celebration is famously called ‘Braj Ki Holi’ because it is celebrated in Barsana (Holy Land of Radha-Krishna). The tradition of playing this amazing festival derived from the story of Lord Krishna who once came to Radha’s Village to color her.

People called it ‘Lath-maar Holi’ (Holi played with a wooden stick). All the women of Barsana along with their sticks chase all the men away from the Area. This fun activity is derived from the story that once Lord Krishna visited Barsana and all the women of the village chased Lord Krishna and his friends with the sticks. After this, it becomes a tradition to play Holi like this.

Watch Video: Holi Celebration of Barsana (Lath-maar Holi)

4. Here it is celebrated without colours?

Images showing Holi celebrations in Mathura

Wherever Holi is celebrated in the whole world, it is played with colors only. But, there is one place in India where this festival is celebrated with a different thing. In Mathura, it is celebrated with flowers called ‘Phool ki Holi’ means Holi of Flowers. This beautiful and unique Holi is played at Bankey Bihari Temple of Mathura which is famously known as the Birthplace of Lord Krishna.

5. How Nepal celebrates this festival?

Image showing Nepal's tradition to celebrate Holi

Along with India, Holi is also celebrated in Nepal and in a very unique and traditional way. In Nepal, the day before the Main Holi, people celebrate it with a Ceremonial Bamboo and erect it like a pole called ‘Chir’. Then, this Bamboo Pole is decorated with colorful materials and strips. In the evening, Nepali Women dressed in beautiful clothes and do prayer by circling the Bamboo pole. After all the prayers, this Bamboo Pole is burned in a Bonfire. On the next day, Holi is celebrated with full joy and happiness and they called this day ‘Rangwali Holi’.


Holi is not just a festival for enjoyment there is much more to learn from this festival. The whole story behind Holi has many moral lessons to learn for everybody. Many of us just celebrate it by playing with colors or eating delicious food but along with the celebration we must take lessons from Prahalad. Every character of this story gives a very deep message to everyone that how should we react or respond in different situations. It depends on us how we see these messages and apply them in our life.

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