Top 7 fascinating facts about Rohit Sharma

In today’s article, we’ll talk about a great cricket personality and will let you know such unknown facts about him. That great cricketer is known as Hitman in the world of cricket. Many of you may have guessed the right person and that ‘Hitman’ is Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma is currently playing as a captain of the Indian National Team in all 3 formats of cricket. He debuted in International Cricket in the year 2007 and was also the part of first T20 World Cup Team. In the year 2008, he was selected by Deccan Chargers in IPL. After that, he was shifted to Mumbai Indians and became the captain of ‘MI’ in 2013. Because of his captaincy in IPL, Mumbai Indians is one of the strongest teams in the tournament. This is just a brief about ‘Hitman’, there are more facts waiting for you later in this article.

1. Early life struggles

Childhood images of Rohit Sharma

Undoubtedly, Rohit Sharma is one of the finest cricketers on the Indian Cricket team. Rohit Sharma had to face a lot of struggles in his early life. He belongs to Maharashtra and came from a very poor financial background. His father used to work in a transport company with very less pay. Due to poor financial conditions, Rohit was raised by his uncle and his grandparents. When his father Gurunath Job lost his job in the transport company, Rohit helped his family with the money he won from playing in Ranji trophies. But time never remains the same. Right now, Rohit Sharma is one of the most paid cricketers in India. His net worth is more than Rs.170 crores.

2. Expert in speaking 4 languages

Image of Rohit Sharma

Do you know that Rohit Sharma can speak 4 languages fluently? Yes, you read it Right. He can speak Hindi, English Telugu, and Marathi. The reason behind this is his parents. Actually, his father Gurunath Sharma belongs to Maharashtra and his mother Purnima Sharma belongs to Andhra Pradesh. Having parents from two different regions helps him learn the additional regional languages.

3. Rohit Sharma once eaten 45 eggs in one turn

45 eggs eaten in single turn

There is a very interesting story of Rohit Sharma from his teenage. Sharma loves to eat eggs but having a vegetarian family it became difficult for Sharma to eat eggs in his house. So, every time he wants to eat eggs, he consumed them outside his house. Once his friend challenges him to eat 45 eggs in a single turn. Rohit Sharma accepted his challenge and eat all 45 eggs very easily without even burping. This shows his love for eating eggs.

4. Rohit Sharma is a relative of ‘Salman Khan’

Image of Rohit Sharma and Salman Khan

Many people are unaware of this fact about Rohit Sharma. What if I tell you that Rohit Sharma is a relative of Salman Khan. Many of you won’t believe this but this is true. Actually, Rohit Sharma’s wife Ritika, and the wife of Actor Sohail Khan (Real brother of Salman Khan) Seema Sachdev Khan are sisters. So, if we connect this Rohit Sharma and Salman Khan are relatives of each other.

5. Mind blowing International Records

Image of Rohit Sharma

Here are some records hit by the ‘Hitman’ that you should be aware of:

  1.  He has scored most runs from fours and sixes in a single inning i.e. 186 runs just from boundaries.
  2.  Rohit has scored the highest score by an individual in a single inning (264 runs vs Sri Lanka)
  3.  He is the only player to hit 5 centuries in a single world cup edition (2019)
  4.  He has hit the most number of fours (33) in single innings.
  5. Sharma ranked at the top in securing the most number of 150+ in ODIs.
  6.  He has scored the most number of double centuries (3) by any player in the world.
  7.  He has scored the most number of centuries (4) in the T20I format in international cricket.
  8.  Rohit ranked at the top in the list of Indian players to hit maximum sixes in his career (423 sixes).

6. Started his career as a bowler

Image of Dinesh Lad

You’ll be surprised to know that Rohit Sharma started his cricket career as a bowler. The person who is now known as Hitman was an off-spin bowler in his teenage. This story was shared by his childhood coach Mr. Dinesh Lad. Dinesh Lad was also the coach of the Mumbai Ranji Trophy team. He shared that the first time he saw Rohit Sharma’s performance as a bowler, he was totally impressed by Sharma. Dinesh decided to select Rohit for his school’s team. Moreover, he requested his school’s principal to waive off the fees for Rohit as Rohit was not much financially stable. It was Dinesh Sir who suggested Rohit play as a batsman and mentored him. There is a great contribution of Dinesh Sir in Rohit’s Career if we watch Rohit Sharma hitting all records of batting.

7. Fascinating IPL records of Rohit Sharma

Here are some IPL records secured by Rohit Sharma so far:

  1.  Rohit Sharma has taken a Hat-trick In IPL 2009 when he was in Deccan Chargers. He took his hat-trick against Mumbai Indiana while playing as a part-time off-spinner
  2.  Rohit Sharma has won the most number of IPL titles. In 2009, he was part of Deccan Chargers and his team won the IPL 2009 tournament. After that, he has won the IPL title 5 times while playing for Mumbai Indians.
  3.  He ranked at 3rd place in IPL with the most number of runs scored in all tournaments together. Rohit has scored 5611 runs in IPL so far.
  4.  He ranked at 3rd place in IPL with the most number of sixes hit by a batsman. He has smashed 227 sixes in IPL so far.
  5. Rohit is the most successful captain in IPL history. Under his captaincy, Mumbai Indians have won the IPL title 5 times in total.


After knowing the facts about Rohit Sharma’s life, the first thing that comes into our mind is that this man has the ability to create more unbeatable world records. His life before starting international cricket was quite challenging. All the prize money he won in different trophies was used as a family income. Even after facing this kind of struggle, he never gave up on his dreams. He perfectly maintained his family life along with focusing on his career. The starting period of his international career was also not good. Moreover, he didn’t get many international opportunities in starting phase of his career.

In the year 2013, he restarted his career as an opener for the national team. When he got the perfect opportunity, he perfectly proved his ability. He has hit such records in his career that it would be difficult for any future player to beat them. Currently, Rohit is playing as a full-time captain of the Indian Team and has given the results as expected from him. He is 34 right now and still has enough years to represent the Indian Team. He has the ability to hit more new records both as a player and a captain.

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