Top 8 unknown facts about Jeff Bezos

If we talk about the world’s largest E-commerce company, then the first name that comes to our mind is Amazon. I guess every reader reading this article has used Amazon at least once in their lifetime. You won’t believe that Amazon is so giant that its CEO is the richest man in the world. And that great entrepreneur is none other than Jeff Bezos. The man who revolutionizes the whole E-commerce sector with his legendary vision. When there was hardly any access to the internet, he founded Amazon with the vision that the Internet will boom in upcoming years. He perfectly predicted this and worked hard on his company.

Jeff Bezos basically belongs to New Mexico city of USA and was born on January 12, 1964. He has done his graduation in Computer Science and electrical engineering from Princeton University. It’s just a brief about the Richest man of the world. There are many more unknown facts waiting for you later in this article. So, here we present 8 such interesting facts about Jeff Bezos that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Jeff Bezos is the First person to have a $200 billion net worth

Jeff Bezos is the First person to have $200 billion net worth

Jeff Bezos named his company Amazon inspired by the world’s largest river called Amazon river. is the world’s largest e-commerce company with more than 20 lakh employees. This company is like a Gold mine business for Jeff Bezos. Why we are saying this as Gold Mine because Jeff Bezos became the first person in the world with a total net worth exceeding the mark of $200 billion. This happened due to a sudden rise in the shares of on the stock market. After him, Elon Musk became the second person to cross this mark.

2. Initial name of ‘’ was ‘’ to

Naming a company is quite a difficult task for any business owner. When Jeff Bezos decided to go with his company, he initially named his business The word Cadabra is taken from the magical phrase Abracadabra. But later due to some pronunciation confusion with this Cadabra, Jeff decided to change the name of his company. He along with his ex-wife MacKenzie worked on deciding and shortlisting the name. After deep research, they decided to name their company Amazon. They decided on this name because Amazon is the largest river in the world and it will also indicate their company as the largest bookstore on the Internet.

3. The near-death experience of Jeff Bezos

Near death experience of Jeff Bezos

You’ll be surprised to know that Jeff Bezos had almost survived a near-death accident. If any misfortune happened on that day, we may lose Jeff Bezos. But God had another plan on that day. We’re talking about the Helicopter crash that Jeff Bezos survived. In March 2003, Jeff along with two other co-passengers were traveling to Texas via Helicopter. The helicopter was about to land on the ground but the tail of that chopper got stuck into a tree. The Helicopter got crashed and all onboard passengers got non-life-threatening injuries. Jeff recalled this incident as ‘a dumb to escape death.

4. Became a self-made billionaire at the age of just 35

Self made billionaire at the age of 35

Jeff Bezos is a very sharp-minded and optimistic person. He had visionary thinking when he founded Amazon. He correctly predicted the growth of the Internet Worldwide in upcoming years. This thinking helped Amazon to grow with time. As his business was growing, Amazon made Jeff Bezos a self-made millionaire at the age of just 33. When Jeff turned 35, he became a billionaire in 1997.

5. Jeff Bezos delivered starting orders of Amazon by himself

Image of Jeff Bezos when he founded Amazon

Right now, there is no such thing that Jeff Bezos can’t buy with his money. But these good days of Jeff Bezos started with the struggles and hard work. Jeff Bezos got only 1 order in the next 6 months of founding Amazon. As time passed, his online Book store started getting growing. In an interview, Jeff Bezos recalled his initial days at Amazon. He said in starting days of Amazon, he used to deliver the order by himself in his car. Just Imagine, the world’s richest person is delivering the orders by himself.

6. Jobs before founding ‘’

Image of McDonald's and Jeff Bezos

What if I tell you that World’s richest person Jeff Bezos was once a cook at McDonald’s. This sounds strange but it is true. At the very young age of 16, he got a job at McDonald’s as a cook. His job was to prepare the meals and orders. Jeff Bezos learned a lot at McDonald’s. His pay was just $3 per hour. The job gave him various understanding like Customer service, Machine Automation, and Time Management which later helped him in establishing Amazon.

After that, he completed his graduation in Computer science degree from Princeton University. He joined his first professional job at International Trade Startup called Fitel.

7. Second Richest person according to Forbes

Forbes richest person in the world

On 6 March 2018, Jeff Bezos officially became the wealthiest person on the earth as per Forbes List. The list presented by Forbes keeps on changing with considering the real-time wealth of the top richest person. Right now, Jeff Bezos is the second richest person on earth. His total net worth is over $177.5 Billion. Elon Musk is on the top of this list with a total net worth of $264.6 Billion. You can click on the link given below this point to see the real-time list of Billionaires.

Forbes Real Time Billionaire List

8. Running his own private space company

Image of Blue Origin

If you have money, you can buy anything you want. You won’t believe that Jeff Bezos is so rich that he runs his own private space company named ‘Blue Origin’. He founded this company in the year 2000. His main motive behind starting this company is to make space tourism a reality. That means every single person who wants to go into space can have access to it. This company is basically working on creating reusable space rockets which will be used to send tourists into space. It will be interesting to see the working of this company in the future.


After knowing the life story of Jeff Bezos, one thing we can learn from is have confidence in your vision. In 1997, when he founded Amazon, there was hardly any internet facility available at that time. But he saw things in his own view. He predicted that Internet will boom in upcoming years. He can be proved wrong at that time, but he didn’t underestimate himself. He decided to go with his vision and work hard on it. In starting days, he himself delivered the orders. If he becomes the richest person on the earth, then this happened only because of his hard work and having confidence in his dreams.

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