Top fascinating facts about Telegram that you must know

Telegram is an instant and multi-platform messaging software launched back in the year 2013. This company was founded by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. Pavel Durov launched Telegram as a Project and not as a Profit-making company. What makes Telegram unique from other apps is its advanced features and trusted Privacy and security. In the launch year, Telegram gained over 100,000 users and now this number is increased to over 550 million active monthly users. This app is available on famous platforms like Windows, Google Play Store, Linux, MacOs, App store. If you are an active Telegram User, you may not be aware of these mind-blowing facts about this app that we are going to tell you in this article. So, here we present you such amazing facts about Telegram that you must know

1. 0$ spend on Advertisement

Image of Telegram

Telegram was launched in the year 2013 and till now they have added millions of users to their platform. But the strange thing is that this company has never spent a single penny on their advertisement. Their app is also 100% ad-free. The main motive behind launching the Telegram app was to just provide the users with the best and secure messaging app without aiming for any kind of profit.

2. Amazing features of Telegram

Secret Chat

User Interface of Telegram

This feature is basically for those people who want more privacy and secrecy for their conversations. You can start this ‘Secret Chat’ by opening the chat profile of a particular person. Tap on the icon of more options and here you can click the ‘Secret chat’ option. What makes this secret chat unique is that this chat will be end-to-end encrypted and will not be stored on the telegram cloud. And no user cannot take a screenshot of this secret chat

Delete message of other’s person also

User Interface of Telegram

In apps like Instagram and Whatsapp, you can delete or unsend the messages that you had sent. You can’t delete messages from another person in these apps. But, in telegram, you can delete the entire chat for both the person doing conversation.

Schedule messages

User Interface of Telegram

This feature is one of the best features of telegram. Sometimes we forgot to send a message on time to a particular person or you may be too busy to send a message at a particular time. In this app, you can schedule your message and set the exact time at which you want to send the message. Just simply type the message and long-press the send button, here you will get the option to schedule your message.

Saved message option

User Interface of Telegram

This feature works like a notepad for the users. If you have important notes or media to save. You can just simply type or can save any media into this section for future use.

Unique Re-edit or Replace image feature

Whenever we send an image to someone on messaging app, sometimes it needs some editing. But once we send a photo, we have to resend the updated image to replace it. This thing takes a lot of time. But, in the Telegram app, you have a solution to solve this problem and you can re-edit, re-crop, or can completely replace the same image you have already sent. You don’t have to send it twice.

3. Mind-Blowing statistics

Amazing Statistics

Here are some fascinating statistics of the Telegram app you must know till now, there are 550 million monthly users active on their platform. In just a span of 9 years, telegram reached this massive figure without spending a single penny on the advertisement.

  • In 2016, on average, 15 billion messages are sent daily on telegram.
  • The top subscribed channel on telegram is ‘Hindi Hd movies’ with over 4.2 million subscribers
  • There are over 1 billion downloads of Telegram from various downloading platforms

4. 70 Million new users because of ‘Whatsapp’

Whatsapp and Telegram Icon

If you remember, WhatsApp and Facebook went down in October 2021. The company Facebook faced a lot of criticism and a huge loss of shares. But this loss for Facebook turns into a boom for telegram. When Facebook and WhatsApp were struggling to work actively, telegram adds 70 million new users in just a few hours. Founder Pavel Durov said this increase as a record-breaking increase for the company

5. Over 20 thousand stickers are available in the Telegram app

20000 stickers

Nowadays, without using Emojis, the conversation becomes less understanding and boring. But along with Emojis, there are stickers which are also getting popular for a few years. On Whatsapp, there are very few stickers you get as official from WhatsApp. Otherwise, you have to download a sticker pack from a third party to use it. But Telegram has its own unique kind of sticker packs. You’ll be amazed to know that there are over 20 thousand stickers available in the Telegram app. You don’t have to depend on outside sticker packs to download it.

6. Conflict of Telegram Founders with the Russian Government

Image of Pavel Durov

Before founding the Telegram app, Pavel Durov also founded the VK app. VK was quite similar to the Facebook app and was very popular in Russia. Due to some conflict with the Russian Government, Putin allies took hold of the VK app under their control. The government put pressure on Pavel Durov and they left the country to avoid conflicts. After that, Pavel Durov decided to create such an app that will have the top-tier security ever. He and his co-founders created Telegram whose encryption has not been cracked by anyone to date.

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