Top interesting facts about Haldiram’s

While eating Indian snacks, the first name which comes to our mind is Haldiram’s. Haldiram’s is the perfect destination for the ultimate lovers of Indian Snack food. The company was basically founded as a retail shop of Namkeen. Ganga Bishan Agarwal worked in his father’s Namkeen Retail shop and later modified the traditional Namkeen with moth flour. His reinvention of Namkeen got a huge success and his sales got increased. Later, Ganga Bishan got an idea while attending a marriage to open a shop in Kolkata. This was the initial ladder to the great business of Haldiram.

With getting huge popularity, Haldiram started getting expanding in cities like Delhi, Nagpur, and Kolkata. And, now Haldiram’s is so huge that it is giving great competition to foreign snack companies. This is just a brief about the company, there are more interesting facts that are waiting for you later in this article.

1. Founders of Haldiram are educated not more than 8th standard

Image of Founders of the Haldiram's  company

You’ll be surprised to know that Haldiram company’s current valuation is more than a whopping 3 billion US dollars. That means their business is currently valued at more than Rs. 20000 crores. The company is over 85 years old and still dominates the whole Indian snack market. The most fascinating thing is that the initial founders of Haldiram hadn’t studied more than the 8th standard in their life. The thing that only works is the quality of their product which lead their company to a $3 billion-dollar company.

2. Company is serving over 400 products

Image showing Haldiram's products

If you are thinking that Haldiram’s is only about Namkeen and Bhujia, then you are wrong. Haldiram is way more than just Namkeen and Bhujia. You’ll be surprised to know that Haldiram serves over 400 products in their restaurants and retail stores. Their product range includes various Indian and western snacks, Ready to eat food, Indian sweets, various cookies, and pickles.

3. Whooping consumption at Haldiram’s Restaurant


No doubt, Haldiram is dominating the whole Indian snack market like a King. The company’s yearly consumption of ingredients in their restaurants is just fascinating. Haldiram’s restaurant consumes up to 4 billion liters of milk, 62 million kgs of potatoes, 60 million kgs of pure ghee, and 80 million kilograms of butter.

4. Why ‘Haldiram’s’ have different Trademarks?

Different trademarks of Haldiram's

Haldiram is basically a family business that was expanded by the next generation after Ganga Bishan Agarwal (Owner of Haldiram). As Haldiram was reaching heights to a great level, it gave rise to disputes between family members of Ganga Bishan Agarwal. The dispute was over the territorial rights and trademark rights of Haldiram Company. As a result, the younger generation of Ganga Bishan Agarwal is now doing business under different names like Haldiram & Sons, Haldiram Bhujiwala, Bikaji, Haldiram’s Nagpur, etc.

5. Revenue of Haldiram’s is more than McDonald’s and Domino’s combined

Image showing logo of Haldiram's, Domino's Pizza and McDonald's Company

If we talk about the Snack food market of India, there are many national and foreign players competing with each other. But even after so many dominating foreign companies in the Indian market, there is only one Indian company that solely gives tough competition to giant foreign companies. And, the company is ‘Haldiram’s’. In the financial year 2013-14, Haldiram’s revenue was more than the total revenue of McDonald’s and Dominos combined. Haldiram’s revenue was over whooping Rs.3500 crore in that year. Whereas, Domino’s hit revenue of Rs. 1733 crore and McDonald’s reached only Rs.1390 crore revenue.

6. Spread over more than 80+ countries of the World

Image of Haldiram's logo and a world map

Haldiram’s was initially originated in the small household of Ganga Bishan Agarwal. Starting from the streets of the small town of Rajasthan, Haldiram’s is now operating its business in India and the world. Yes, you read it right. Even after having an Indian snack menu, Haldiram’s is operating its business in more than 80 countries of the World.

7. Initial price of Haldiram’s Namkeen in 1937 will shock you!

Image showing Haldiram's Namkeen

Haldiram’s is the only Indian snack company that is running its business at a valuation of $3 Billion. It took almost a century for Haldiram to reach this massive figure. Currently, Haldiram is selling hundreds of products at their restaurant. But, when the business was established by Ganga Bishan Agarwal, he started with selling Namkeen only. You’ll be surprised to know that the initial price of his Namkeen was just 2.5 paisa (just 0.0004$) for 1 Kg of Namkeen. And with the rapid sales, the price went from 2.5 paise to 25 paise in just a few weeks.

8. ‘Largest snack company of India’

While reading the 5th point of this article, you get to know how Haldiram is giving tough competition to giant foreign players like Domino’s and McDonald’s. Haldiram has proved that Indian snack food can compete with foreign snacks. The company has expanded its business in such a way that it won the title of ‘Largest snack company’ of India in the year 2017.

9. Why it was named as ‘Haldiram’s’?

We talked a lot about Haldiram’s company but have you thought that how this name ‘Haldiram’s’ came into existence? There is very interesting story behind it. The founder of Haldiram’s company was Ganga Bishen Agarwal who was born in 1904 in a Marwari family of Bikaner city. His family members and friends fondly called him ‘Haldiram’ or ‘Haldiya’. In 1937, When he joined his father’s business of Namkeen, he invented his own style of Namkeen. In 1946, he decided to expand his business and he opened a shop in Kolkata. He started his own business of Namkeen and Bhujia under the name ‘Haldiram’s’. 

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