Top mind-blowing facts about Cats that you shouldn’t miss

Nowadays, there is a trend emerging among people to keep an animal as a pet. This trend may be increasing because of Social media or people may keep pets to kill stress and loneliness. The first animal that comes to our mind to keep as a pet is Dog. After them the second choice for animal lovers is Cat. Cats, are the most cute and domesticated animals after Dogs. Many of you reading this article may have cats as a pet and no doubt you love them unconditionally. You may have a cat but I am sure there are certain things you are surely unaware of your pet. So for all the cat lovers, we present you with amazing facts about Cats that will blow your mind.

1. Cats have more bones than Human

Bone structure of cat

You have seen cats jumping here and there without having any injury. They look like they have no bone at all. But, the real fact is totally opposite to this. Cat has more bones than the Human body. Yes, you read it right. Cat has a total of 230 bones in their body.

2. Cats can’t taste sweet things

Image of s cat

As we know, Cats are carnivores in nature which means that they required a meat-based diet to survive on this planet. Many universities and institutions did various researches on the taste buds of cats and find that Cats can’t taste sugar or sweet things. If they eat any sugary product, they are unable to feel that sweet taste. This is because of the non-presence of sweet taste buds on their tongue which is responsible for feeling the taste.

3. They sweat from their paws and toes

Image of cat's paws

You’ll be surprised to know that cats sweat from their paws or toes. We, humans, have sweat glands present all over the body. That’s why during increased temperature, all our body starts releasing sweat. But Cats are way different from Humans. Cats do have sweat glands but are present only in a few particular areas. The most particular area is their paws and the area between their toes. If you have a cat, then you also noticed their footprints in your house.

4. Better power of smell than Humans

Image of cat smelling a flower

Cats are small in size as compared to Humans but Cats are way more gifted by nature. The tiny nose on their face has around 200 million smell sensors and humans have only 5 million sensors. Cats have 14 to 16 times better smell power as compared to Humans. Cat’s nose can detect toxic food and even detect their house if they get lost.

5. World’s Smallest Cat ever lived

Image of world's smallest cat

In this amazing world, there is a World Record held by Cat also. This Cat named ‘Tinker Toy‘ held a Guinness World Record of World’s Smallest Cat ever. The size of Tinker Toy was just 7 cm tall and 19 cm long when fully grown. Tinker Toy was a Himalayan-Persian Cat born on 25 December 1990 and died in November 1997.

6. Amazing birth-giving capability

Image of kittens

The baby form of the Cat is known as Kitten. On average, a healthy cat can give birth to 4 kittens at one time. You’ll be shocked to know that this number can go up to 12. This is truly amazing.

7. Cats and their history around 5000 years ago

Image of sculpture of cat during Egyptian period

Cats are not just normal animals like others. Scientists have found a deep history of them with an ancient connection since the Egyptian period. Many archaeologists have found many artifacts, statues, and even countless mummified cats in Egypt. By analyzing all the facts, it is found that Ancient Egyptians were very obsessed with cats. They treated them as a deity and relate their qualities to their rulers. Many mummified cats were found along with Humans graves with separate offerings for Cat’s afterlife. Scientists have found that Ancient Egyptians have a very divine connection with Cats.

8. Cats can see only ‘Blue’ and ‘Green’ color

Image of a black cat

We humans can easily distinguish between any type of color but it’s quiet for your cat to do the same. You’ll be shocked to know that Cat can also see things in the shade of blue and green color. This is because of ‘cones’ present in their eyes. Cones are special cells present in various living beings to help in identifying different colors. Humans also have these cones and have 10 times more cells as compared to cats. Because of the low cones present in Cat’s eyes, they can only see things in shades of blue or green.

9. Cat that went into space

Can you imagine a cat going into space? It sounds strange but it’s true. In October 1963, as a part of the French Space program, it was decided to send a cat into space for research. The first cat that went into space was named Felicette which was a Persian Cat. The main motive behind sending cats into space is to monitor their neurological activity when entered into 0 gravity. The space rocket went 157 KM above the earth’s surface and after 15 minutes Cats was recaptured in a safety capsule. This experiment became successful and helped France to come into the Space race.

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