Top unknown facts about ‘MBA Chaiwala’ you shouldn’t miss

Undoubtedly, there is a trend among Indian people to start their own businesses. People are more willing to do something on their own rather than doing a corporate job. In this new environment of Entrepreneurship, you might have also heard about ‘MBA Chaiwala’. If you know this name before, you may also know the owner of this business. For the readers who didn’t know this name, let me tell you. ‘MBA Chaiwala’ is basically a franchise-based food chain business just like Mcdonald’s or Domino’s.

This amazing venture is started by an MBA dropout named Prafull Billore. He left his MBA classes just to start his own Tea stall. Right now, the valuation of this venture is in Crores but you’ll be shocked to know that the starting of this venture is on the roadside. Prafull Billore started his Tea business just like other ordinary stalls on Roadside. From Roadside to the sensational entrepreneur of India, Prafull came a long way. Here, we present you with 7 such amazing facts about ‘MBA Chaiwala’ that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Left MBA college Midways

Image of Prafull Billore (MBA Chaiwala)

After completing his, Prafull Billore wanted to do an MBA but couldn’t crack the best institutes. With low marks in entrance exams, he took admission to a random MBA college. You won’t believe that he joined his college for just 7 days. He himself said this incident in many interviews. Besides, on the 7th day of joining MBA, he left the college and joined Mcdonald’s as a sweeper.

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2. Invited by IIMs and Harvard University

MBA Chaiwala invited by IIMs

After completing his graduation, Prafull wants to pursue an MBA from a reputed college. So, he started preparing for entrance exams for various MBA colleges but he couldn’t make it to any good MBA college. But destiny has other better plans for him. He decided to run a Tea stall and with his continuous hard work, he is successfully running his Tea business. Once he couldn’t crack the exam to enter into reputed college but after some years the most reputed college IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard University invited him for a speech on Business.

3. Odd jobs of MBA Chaiwala owner before starting his business

Image of MBA Chaiwala during his job days

Very less people know that Prafull Billore has also done some jobs before starting his own venture. After completing his graduation, he joined Amway as a salesman. There he earns a decent salary of Rs.25000 per month. After getting failed MBA entrance exams, Prafull decided to take a break and travel the country. While traveling to different cities, he decided to stay in Ahmedabad, and there he did a job in Mcdonald’s as a Housekeeper. Moreover, his salary was just Rs.37 per hour as a housekeeping staff. With his complete dedication to work, he was promoted to the post of Manager of the whole franchise. Afterward, he left this job and started his own business.

4. Starting struggles of ‘MBA Chaiwala’

Image of MBA Chaiwala's owner

Today, MBA Chaiwala is one of the famous food franchise brands in India. But, there is a struggling story you should also know. After leaving the job, Prafull Billore decided to start a Tea selling business. Besides, he borrowed Rs.8000 from his father by telling him that he wants to pursue an educational course.

He set up his small shop on the roadside on 25 July 2017 and started selling Tea. On the opening day of his business, he sold only 1 Tea. The main reason he found for low sales is a lack of communication. So, he decided to sell Tea by reaching the customer himself. Prafull sold his Tea by having conversations in English and people got surprised that how a small Tea seller can speak English. Slowly, his business started doing good and he started earning well from his business. Furthermore, within 1 month of commencing of business, he started selling around 10000 cups a day. After continuous hard work and dedication, he opened his first café outside a hospital and the rest is history. Currently, his business is running with over Rs.5 Crore Turnover.

5. Upcoming Biopic on ‘Prafull Billore’

Image of Siddharth Malhotra with Prafull Billore

This fact is one of the most surprising and motivating facts for future entrepreneurs. While giving a speech at Parul University, Prafull Billore revealed that Dharma Production is making a Biopic on his life story. Yes, you read it right. Famous Director Karan Johar owns Dharma Production and he is directing this movie based on MBA Chai Wala. Actor Siddharth Malhotra is doing the role of Prafull Billore. The details of the release date or any other thing are not revealed yet.

6. Successful business of ‘MBA Chaiwala’

Franchise of MBA Chaiwala

We have talked a lot about the personal incidents of Prafull Billore. Let’s talk about his business called ‘MBA Chaiwala’. He basically runs a franchise outlet business of MBA Chaiwala. Currently, there are more than 50 Successful outlets of MBA Chaiwala running across different cities of India.

As per various sources, it is estimated that the total net worth of MBA Chaiwala is over Rs.7 crores annually. This is the perfect example that Hard work pays off.

Besides, the main revenue comes from MBA Chaiwala is selling the franchise outlets. If you are also motivated by Prafull Billore’s story, you can also join him. You can contact his team and can run your own MBA Chaiwala franchise.

7. Unique Marketing styles of Prafull Billore

One of the main reasons for the success of MBA Chaiwala is its Unique Marketing style. Prafull Billore started his Tea stall as an ordinary stall. But what makes him different from others is marketing and communication. Prafull communicates with his customers in a very professional way like a corporate officer. This unique communication attracts customers to his stall.

The second thing he focuses on is making a presence on Social-Media. If you visit his social profiles, you’ll see that he is very active on social media and talks about business and entrepreneurship. His main customers are the young generation of India. On Valentine’s day, MBA Chaiwala started an offer to sell free Tea to Single people. This innovative marketing move also got viral on the Internet.


After knowing the story of Prafull Billore, one thing is proven right if you have the will and presence of mind, you can achieve anything you want. Just imagine how difficult it would be that a graduate seeking admission for MBA to start his job as a housekeeper in a restaurant. He could settle down with his mediocre college and decent job but he fights with the system and himself. He fights for his dreams and ambition. With his dedication and hard work, he earns what he desires. And, now he is one of the best examples to be taught in any business school in India or outside.

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