Top Unknown facts about Nitin Gadkari

This year is the 75th year of India’s independence from the Britishers. Since 1947, India is driven by different leaders, governments, and politicians. Today’s India is the result of the work and policies done by different governments. India has witnessed many ministers and politicians since independence. Today we’ll be discussing one such minister and politician who is famous because of his extraordinary work done for the public. He is the Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India. Many of you have to guess the right answer.

The minister of which we’re talking about is Shri Nitin Gadkari. He was born on 27 May 1957 in Nagpur district of Maharashtra. From a very young age, he aggressively started working as a Youth politician. Till now, he has worked in several significant places as Minister and as well as a leader. He is known for his visionary ideas and result-oriented work. Here we’ll present to you some unknown facts about Nitin Gadkari that every Indian should know

1. Early life struggles of Nitin Gadkari

Early life struggles

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Nitin Gadkari is one of the best politicians in India. He not only earned respect from the public but also people trust him a lot. But reaching this stage was not that easy for Nitin Gadkari. He was born in Nagpur City and belongs to a small agricultural family. His family was not so financially good but somehow he managed to clear his Bachelor’s degree and LLB. When he was 18 years old, the Emergency was implied throughout the country. Nitin Gadkari aggressively participated as a student in the protests during the emergency in 1975. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, a Postgraduate degree in Commerce, LLB, and a diploma in Business Management.

2. His Great Political Journey

Old and new image of Nitin Gadkari

Starting as a student and now working as a Union Minister of the Indian Government, Nitin Gadkari has had a long political career. The seed for Gadkari’s political career was sown in Emergency 1975. He participated so aggressively that it became a turning point in his life. Then he joined the BJP Youth wing in 1980 and served as a strong BJP leader in Maharashtra. In 1995, In BJP-Shiv Sena Government, he was appointed as Minister of the Public Works Department.

In the following term election of Maharashtra, he served as a leader of the opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative assembly. At that time, he was counted on the list of National Leaders of the BJP. In 2005, he was elected as National President of the Bhartiya Janta Party and in 2013, he resigned from the post. In 2014, he fought the Loksabha election and won the Nagpur constituency. PM Narendra Modi appointed him as a Cabinet Minister and give him the responsibility of the Ministry of Shipping. In the second term of the Modi Government, he was given the Ministry of Road and Transport and currently serving on the same.

3. ‘Youtuber’ Nitin Gadkari

Youtuber Nitin Gadkari

Last year, Nitin Gadkari revealed that he owns a Youtube channel. And, the more interesting thing is that Youtube pays Nitin Gadkari around Rs.4 Lakh per month as royalty. This is quite interesting and motivating too that a Union Minister of a country running his own Youtube channel and earning through it. This thing gives a strong message to the youth that anyone can make online. If you go through Nitin Gadkari’s channel, it all contains his lectures, speeches, press conferences, and some entertaining videos where he is cooking in his house. More than 1000 different lectures of Nitin Gadkari have been uploaded on his channel.

4. The moment when he fell down due to unconsciousness

Image of Nitin gadkari

Nitin Gadkari is around 65 years old and unfortunately, he is a diabetic patient also. He has to take care of himself while working. In 2017, Nitin Gadkari was invited to a convocation of Agricultural University in Rahuri. National Anthem was played at the end of the ceremony. During the National anthem, Nitin Gadkari fell Unconsciously on the stage. He was immediately examined by the Doctors present there at the venue. Doctors said this happened due to a sudden decrease in sugar levels.

5. ‘Best Minister’ of the Modi Cabinet

Best Minister

It’s been above 7 years since Modi Government has come into power. Undoubtedly, Nitin Gadkari is the best Minister in Modi’s Cabinet. He is the best example of how should a public representative should work. Nitin Gadkari has done a great job in whatever department he has assigned. Let’s have a look at his achievements:

In the Modi Cabinet of 2014, Nitin Gadkari was assigned to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. He has done an outstanding job in his ministry.

He has increased the national road construction rate from 2km/day to 37km/day. Under his guidance, he allotted a total fund of 2 trillion rupees for only beautification and trees on the national highway.

Before 2014, only 91,287km of National Highways were built since 1947 and from 2014 to 2022, this number increased to 1,37,625 km

In 2005, the Supreme court ordered the construction of highways around Delhi for reducing pollution but no action was taken till 2014. When Nitin Gadkari became Minister, he completed this project in a record time of just 3 years.

These were some great achievements of the Ministry of Road Transport under Nitin Gadkari. This list doesn’t end here but there are many more works you can check by clicking on the link given below this point.

Click here: Great Achievements of Nitin Gadkari

6. His unique ‘innovative’ approach

Innovative leader

Nitin Gadkari is known as a visionary leader and that’s too for a reason. And, the thing which makes him different from others is his innovative approach to work. He always works with future-oriented and innovative thinking. For example, he shared his business of selling ‘waste human hair’ to the ammonia factories. He just transports the stock of human hair from the salons and sells it and earns lakhs from it. He even runs his own Youtube channel and earns a good amount from it.

You won’t believe that in 2019, The supreme court has ‘requested’ him to share his innovative ideas with the court. The court asked him to share his own innovative ideas on tackling pollution. This leader is so visionary that even the court has trust in him.

7. Longest Serving Road Transport Minister of India

In 2014, Nitin Gadkari become the Minister of Road Transport and Highways in India. In the second term of the Modi Government, Nitin Gadkari was again assigned to the Ministry of Road Transport. He is the Minister of Road Transport for the last 7 years. By running this department for long 7 years, he becomes the longest-serving Minister of Road Transport in India since Independence.


The best thing about Nitin Gadkari is that he is truly a Public Servant. He always completes his responsibility with 100% accountability and transparency. If you analyze the work done by all the ministries in Modi Government, you’ll find that Nitin Gadkari’s Ministry is the best performing ministry. He is a straightforward politician. If there is anything wrong in anything or any situation, he will speak about it without any hesitation. Nitin Gadkari is one of the best examples of what kind of politician India needs. 

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