Top unknown facts about Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is one of the prominent politicians in Indian politics. He is currently representing the constituency of Wayanad, Kerala as a Member of Parliament. He is the son of Late. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. He was born on 19 June 1970 in New Delhi when his Late Grandmother Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India. He has done his graduation from St. Stephen College and later moved to Harvard University and Cambridge for further education. His whole family and ancestors played a significant role in Indian Politics. Despite having a solid political background, Rahul Gandhi started his career as a consultant in Monitor Group (a London-based firm).

Later in the year 2004, he started his political career and got elected as an M.P. from Amethi Constituency. Also, he served as the president of the Indian National Congress from 2017 to 2019. This was just a brief about Rahul Gandhi. There are more unknown facts about him that are waiting for you later in this article.

1. Professional Black Belt in ‘Aikido’

Rahul Gandhi practicing Aikido

Rahul Gandhi may not have been so successful in his political career, but that doesn’t portray his whole life. You’ll be surprised to know that Rahul Gandhi is a black belt holder in the Japanese Martial Arts form Aikido. Not only Aikido, but he has also won the fourth position for participating in the National Shooting Championship competition. The official Member of NSUI named ‘Saurabh Rai’ shared the image of the certificate awarded to Rahul Gandhi in 1989.

2. He did a job and owned a business before joining politics

Image of Rahul Gandhi in black suit

If you are thinking Rahul Gandhi joined politics just after his studies then you are wrong. Many people are unaware of the unknown fact that Rahul Gandhi did a job after completing his studies. After obtaining their M.Phil from Cambridge, he began his first job at a Management consulting firm in London named Monitor Group. Later, he left his job and began his own outsourcing firm named Backops Services Private Ltd. in Mumbai. He was also the director of his company. He actively joined his family politics in the year 2004.

3. Historical defeat at ‘Amethi’ Constituency

Image of Rahul Gandhi and Smriti Irani

Talking about Nehru-Gandhi Family, there is 2 famous constituency that is known as an asset to Congress. The first is Rae Bareli and the second one is Amethi. Rae Bareli is the seat which is always been won by Congress and is currently held by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. The same goes for Amethi’s seat. Since Independence, most of the time Amethi is won by Congress members. This seat is so important for Congress that it has been represented by four members of the Nehru-Gandhi family. From the day Rahul Gandhi joined politics, he always fought his election from this seat and held this seat for the longest period.

But in the general elections of 2019, Rahul Gandhi was defeated by Smriti Irani of the Bhartiya Janta Party. This seat was known as Gandhi Family’s own constituency and Rahul Gandhi created history by losing to Amethi.

4. ‘Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year’

Most Eligible bachelor of the year

If we talk about Gandhi’s family, Rahul Gandhi is the only person who is still unmarried at the age of 51. His sister Priyanka Gandhi got married to Businessman Robert Vadra in the year 1997. In the year 2011, a matrimonial website ‘’ conducted an online poll for the ‘Most eligible bachelor of the Year’. The poll was won by Rahul Gandhi with 34.69% of the votes. Indian Boxer Vijender Singh got 2nd position with 18.36% votes.

5. Studied in Prestigious Institutions but with ‘different identity’

Images of Rahul Gandhi while he was studying

In India, the educational qualifications of famous politicians always remain in Hot topic Politics. Talking about Rahul Gandhi’s education, he has studied at very prestigious institutions all over the world. He has completed his schooling at Doon school of Uttrakhand and did his graduation from St.Stephens College of Delhi. Later, he moved to Harvard University for further studies. But due to the sudden assassination of his father Rajiv Gandhi, he was transferred to Rollins College of Florida and his name and identity were kept secret. His name was changed to ‘Raul Vinci’ for security reasons.

6. His secret relationships

Image of reported girlfriends of Rahul Gandhi

We all are well aware of fact that Rahul Gandhi is unmarried. He is 51 years old and now there are hardly any chances of him getting married. But there are a couple of times when his relationship news came into the limelight.

In 2012, a famous English newspaper reported that Rahul Gandhi is having an affair with Afghan Princess Noal Zehr. She is the granddaughter of Afghan King Late Mohammed Zahir Shah and the daughter of Mohammed Daoud Khan Pachtounyar. Rahul Gandhi was frequently spotted with Noal Zehr. But looks like their relationship didn’t last long.

His second relationship was reported with Veronique Cartelli. He had been spotted many times with her. Many media channels reported different rumors about her name and origin. Finally, in 2004, Rahul Gandhi revealed the rumors while talking with the Journalist Vrinda Gopinath. He said that Veronique is of Spanish origin and she is an architect by profession. He further added that he and Veronique are best friends.

7. Rahul Gandhi Got arrested by Uttar Pradesh Police in 2011

Uttar Pradesh Police arresting Mr. Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi had been arrested by Uttar Pradesh Police. Yes, you read it right. In 2011, Uttar Pradesh Police arrested him for protesting with the farmers. Mr. Gandhi was taken into custody and then released on bail after two and a half hours of arrest. The district administration said that in order to maintain law and order and also section 144 was imposed in that area, Rahul Gandhi was arrested to prevent any disruption.

8. The secret about him revealed by Nirbhaya’s Mother

Image of Nirbhaya's Mother

Rahul Gandhi may not have been so good at speaking or addressing a rally. Many times he became a matter of laughing at his own speech. But that’s not the real Rahul Gandhi that the media has portrayed him.

In 2012, the whole of India was shocked by the incident of the Gangrape of ‘Nirbhaya’ in New Delhi. While giving an interview to Media, Nirbhaya’s Mother revealed that it was Rahul Gandhi who looked after them after this incident. She said that Gandhi helped us as an angel. He supported us in every possible way whether it is emotionally or financially. She further added that his son is now a pilot in Indigo Airlines and it became possible just because of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi asked us to keep his help a secret.

Watch Video: Nirbhaya’s Mother talking about Rahul Gandhi

9. His mistakes while speaking

Rahul Gandhi addressing a rally

The thing by which Rahul Gandhi is famously known or mostly trolled by the public is his mistakes while speaking or addressing a rally. He wants to say something else but says something by mistake which later becomes a matter of laughter for the public. Here are some instances of him where he did these mistakes.

In 2016, while addressing the students of NMIMIS, Mumbai, he mistakenly connects steve jobs with Microsoft. He said ‘“One day you’re going to run this country, run the institutions, you will be the Steve Jobs in the Microsofts and the leaders…the Facebooks of this country,”. And, the fact is steve jobs never

ever linked with Microsoft in any way.

This mistake happened when he was addressing some professionals in Ahmedabad. While giving a speech, he said that Gujarat is bigger than UK and India is bigger than the USA and Europe combined. And, the real fact is that the USA is 3 times larger than India in terms of size.


What we think about Rahul Gandhi after knowing his life story is that he is not the person that the media portrays him. We admit that he is not a ‘perfect’ leader or politician but he is unique in his own way. We can’t underestimate him just because of his mistakes. He had studied from premium institutions of the world and had way more knowledge than most of the politicians in India. 

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